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AgentPay - PayMoney Agent Addon & Mobile App Nulled


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AgentPay - PayMoney Agent Addon & Mobile App Nulled

This is an Addon for – PayMoney – Secure Online Payment Gateway

This Addon is bundled with the Agent Web Addon and Agent Mobile App.

Overview of AgentPay


  • AgentPay is a simple, fast, secure, and instant multi-wallet cashin and cashout platform that allows PayMoney Agents to cash in to and cash out from user wallets.
  • Administrators add agents to the system, and the agents are given a separate panel to access the applications.
  • Admin sets transaction fees and agent commissions such that for each agent transaction, the admin receives transaction fees and the agent receives commission. This allows both the administrator and the agent to earn.
  • Once at an authorized agent, the user can hand over the desired amount of cash they wish to deposit into their PayMoney wallet. The agent will then process the transaction and credit the corresponding amount into the user’s PayMoney wallet.
  • The user informs the agent that they wish to conduct a cash-out transaction. The agent completes the cashout of the specified currency from the user’s PayMoney wallet and hand over desire amount to the user in Cash.


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